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Custom Museum Cabinets

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The part of a museum’s collection that is visible to the public at any given point is minimal compared to the part that is stored away.

Preserving the integrity of artifacts and collections becomes increasingly important as time goes by. Archivists must be concerned not only with conserving their collections, but also in conserving space to accommodate current and new collections.


High-Density Mobile


Art Racks

Flat Files

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How we can help...

Archival Storage

Archives aren’t simply part of history.

They serve as a collective memory, providing evidence of significant leaders, organizations, and inventions of the past. 

Fine Art Storage

Art rack storage systems give you a versatile and secure way to secure your art collections—and each of these racks can store twice as much compared to traditional storage.

Museum Cabinet Storage

The cabinets can easily be designed to meet the specific needs of your facility, and are approved and proven for museum and archival institution use.

Visible Art Storage

A recent trend in museums to maximize public access to museum and art collections that would otherwise be hidden from public view.

Yale University Art Museum 

Innovative design improves access to an Ivy League University Art Gallery’s extensive collection and creates a unique learning environment.

Harvard Art Museum 

What the average visitor to a museum or art gallery sees on display is usually just a fraction of the immense collections that the facility holds in its archives.

Chemical Heritage Foundation
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