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Public Safety Storage

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When it comes to public safety, we’ve noticed that two major factors can directly impact a department — security and efficient storage space.

There’s a wide variety of items to store in the public safety realm on a daily basis—evidence, files, weapons, gear, supplies, uniforms, and so much more. 


High-Density Mobile


Duty Lockers

Evidence Lockers


How we can help...


1. Evidence Storage

A common weak link in the chain of custody of evidence is the interval from when evidence leaves the hands of the person who collected it until it’s properly logged by the evidence technician.

2. Long-term Storage

After evidence is logged, a high-density mobile storage system can help maintain integrity and maximize available space in your evidence room.

3. Personal Storage

Our personal storage lockers are infinitely configurable for the person using them, and when used in conjunction with a department’s locker room, they’ve actually been known to increase employee morale.

4. Weapons Storage

Weapons racks, gun boxes, and ammunition storage can make your space as fully functional as possible while keeping gear within easy reach. 

Warrington Police Department
Franklin Police Department

This facility accommodates the current needs of the police department, emergency operations, and traffic operations while also planning for the anticipated growth in staffing and service needs over the next 20 years.

Arlington Heights Police Department

The planning and design team for the new police facility in Arlington Heights, Illinois, wanted to improve comfort and efficiency for officers and staff, create a welcoming space for the community, and invest in high-quality police evidence storage that would help maintain their accreditation.

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