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Laboratory Casework

for the love
of medicine

In the pharmaceutical industry, timing is everything! Driven by patient demand, design your storage to give your team quick and secure access to any product.

Cold Room Storage

The flexibility of our pharmaceutical shelving solutions enable you to easily adapt and update your storage as often as your needs change.

Lab Casework

An inventory of large packages and containers in your bulk pharmacy storage can take up a lot of valuable space. Our compact shelving systems keep you organized and accommodate a variety of product packaging.

Vertical Storage

When floor space is at a premium take advantage of ceiling height with vertical carousels. 

Warehouse Storage

When your pharma warehouse runs more efficiently, it not only translates into increased production and quality, but to an improved customer experience.


How we can help...

1. Maximized Storage

Double the amount of storage space in retain rooms, warehouses and cold room storage.

2. Customized Lab Space

Creating customized shelving to accommodate any size or shape of equipment.

3. Drawer Systems

Maximize capacity and accessibility to pharmaceutical products utilizing flat drawer systems.

Reagent Room

Maximize cold room storage with high density drawer systems.

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