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The proper storage solutions will improve organization, patient experience, and staff morale.


Sterile Supply Storage Solutions

Well-organized sterile supplies allows employees to find what they need while increasing capacity with compactable high-density storage systems.

Operating Room Sterile Storage

The operating room fuels a surgeon's ability to give patients the care they need. Our ability to provide laminate, steel or stainless steel casework keeps instruments accessible while maintaining a sanitary environment.

Pharmacy Bin Systems

Managing a large medical supply isn't easy - until you have the right pharmacy shelving. Flexible shelving solutions enable you to adapt and update your storage as needs change. Modular bin systems allow for easy transportation and organization of medication.


You have your own unique cultivation methods. We have decades of experience optimizing space. Together we can maximize your space, increase your yield, and boost your bottom line. With our mobile vertical grow racking integrated with your preferred lighting, irrigation and HVAC systems we design your cannabis racking system unique to your facility and your processes to create better places to work and grow.

Bed Lift Storage
Sterile Storage
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Bed Lift Storage 

Sterile Storage

Modular Bin Storage 


How we can help...

1. High-Density Mobile Storage 

Using high-density mobile storage in hospitals, operating rooms and in other medical facilities will eliminate wasted space and build an organized workspace. 

2. Modular Bin Storage

Accessibility is vital in the medical field, and modular bin storage will help you keep everything that you need within reach.

3. Day Use Lockers

Day Use Lockers optimize form and function, providing secure storage for personal items inside a customizable and reconfigurable design.

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