Nov 5, 2020 • 2 min read
Rethinking the Power of Libraries
Last Updated: 
September 12, 2023

Students of all ages use library resources to learn, enhance study habits and gain perspective on new information. University libraries in particular are vital to the college experience and the way a student forges an academic path. Both library books and digital media are key factors behind every college student’s success and aptitude to achieving a meaningful career.

Academic libraries are currently becoming quite crowded with hundreds of thousands of books that they have housed for years, while also continuing to grow their collections. Library staff members are facing the challenge of finding space for all of these books while still prioritizing the needs of their students. Every library has to focus on our ever-changing society and how its books effect its current clientele. College libraries often incorporate cafes, collaboration workspaces, digital media and lab space into their culture. In order to continue to incorporate these experiences into library life, libraries need to have the space for them. University library growth is unfortunately being stunted by having too much stuff for a small space.

High-density mobile storage and off-site storage facilities are able to compactly store materials that do not need to be accessed every day. The materials will still be available to anyone who needs them, but will not take up precious space needed for other books and other vital library experiences. Cramming so much material into one small space isn’t only detrimental to library collections, but to the potential library experience that students look forward to having.

In addition to solving the problem, these storage solutions are beautifully designed and will bring a sense of comfort and class to every library space. College students enjoy an aesthetically-pleasing workspace, and these storage solutions will make that a reality for your library.

A study done by EBSCO reveals that 64% of university students spend their time studying and doing research in their college library and 32% of students go to a university librarian for help with research.

Using high-density storage will give these students a more organized, focused library experience.  

These storage solutions also give librarians the option of displaying certain books while keeping others away, depending on relevancy and current need. Current library layouts feature shelves that cannot be moved, forcing the organizational layout of the library to remain the same. Our new high-density mobile storage solution makes it possible for librarians to move shelves wherever they like, making it possible to change the organizational layout at any time.

As many school libraries are going digital and providing downloadable options for current and future collections, physical books are still a vital component of all libraries and need to be preserved. Our high-density mobile storage and off-site storage solutions are designed to keep your library materials easily accessible and available to you while keeping them out of the way. After implementing these storage solutions in your library, you will be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to add to library collections, host more events, and be more open to new, creative experiences that you can offer your students.