Jun 24, 2022 • 1 min read
American Philosophical Society
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September 12, 2023

Protecting Our Nation's Collections

Founded in 1743 by Benjamin Franklin, American Philosophical Society is the oldest learned society in the United States with the Enlightenment values of spreading useful knowledge. Still a membership organization with over 900 members worldwide, it possesses a number of departments, a museum, and a library.

Initially lacking in structural capacity, the APS library was in need of reorganization of loads that would also prove to be both co-compliant and safe. The members made careful decisions not only on the placement of irreplaceable materials that ensured safety and security but also on the order in which the materials were placed.

With continuing opportunities to receive collections of different sizes and reluctance on passing one of them by solely due to lack of space, APS reimagined the future growth of their library by building storage in which they managed all collections by objects and materials, as opposed to where they simply fit.

From addressing any problems head-on to finishing on time and on budget, this project provided the much-needed foundation in which the members of the APS depend on – a place to store their materials