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With less schools offering options for students to learn remotely, this beginning phase of the new school year is an important time to properly organize the K-12 classrooms. Many previous studies have shown and proven the benefits of setting the younger generation up for success through teaching organizational skills. Allowing students, as young as possible, to experience an organized lifestyle in their learning environment can help them apply these valuable skills to the various responsibilities they will have in the future.

Reimagining how one can organize K-12 classrooms does not have to involve a month-long

renovation- but instead few thought-out additions that serve a meaningful purpose in such limited space. Changing the layout of furniture and creating division of spaces can provide a versatile environment for students with different learning needs and styles. As a way of creating various “neighborhoods” inside the classroom, utilize space dividers, such as the Low On-Casters, that provide the flexibility of turning the space into an either more private or open learning environment. Having designated spaces in K-12 classrooms, through the use of furniture and space dividers, can provide not only the acoustic control you need for maximized learning experience, but also, a better way to organize and utilize the space.

Thinking of smarter ways to utilize the space also means pushing for more innovative ways of storing items. While traditional ways of storing objects in classrooms are still helpful today, it’s helpful to reimagine the purpose of each piece of furniture. Multi-purpose furniture that incorporates storage option can be great additions to the K-12 classrooms.

With the rising popularity of flexible furniture and improved functionality through new technology, replacing storage drawers and traditional tables with Ruckus Storage Tables can provide a much efficient way to both maximize the space and organize the clusters.

One of the reemerging design trends involves the use of colors in K-12 classrooms. Past studies have shown the various benefits of usage of different colors on students’ growth

as well as the benefits of color coding to improve their organizational skills. Simple changes, such as adding pops of color throughout the space or assigning color to each subject for students, have proven

to improve their emotional well-being, as well as their ability to carry out their tasks. Installing organizational storage units that can be customized, such as the Hamiltion Casework, can not only be a visual enhancement but also a source to promote organization, not only in K-12 classrooms, but also out in the real world.

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