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Office Storage

for the love

of work

As workplaces evolve companies can bring a unique blend of quality, flexibility, and aesthetics to their corporate environment.

In the ever-changing workplace, employees want increased flexibility, quick access to technology, and the ability to choose where and how they work.


Don't let storage get in the way.


How we can help...

1. Mobile Storage

Optimize space and streamline workflows with flexible shelving that integrates with the rest of your office’s interior design.

2. Day-Use Lockers 

Provide secure storage for personal items.

3. Casework

Today’s activity-based work environments need to include safe, efficient storage doesn't take space away from modern office amenities.

Spacesaver provides the base for configurable workspace.  
Ardent Credit Union
Branches are placed inside a building, such as an employer’s headquarters or a mall, effectively creating a collapsible satellite branch.
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