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You’re the experts in growing. We’re the experts in helping you grow more.


custom-built movable vertical racking to optimize your facility

You have your own unique cultivation methods. We have decades of experience optimizing space. Together we can maximize your space, increase your yield, and boost your bottom line. With our mobile vertical grow racking integrated with your preferred lighting, irrigation and HVAC systems we design your cannabis racking system unique to your facility and your processes to create better places to work and grow.

grow 4x
the yield

High-Density Mobile Shelving

Slide Bench System

LED Light Fixtures

slide bench system.png

Our vertical grow system consists of 3 main components: 

1. Vertical Racking

Constructed of heavy-duty steel, GROW vertical racking is designed to provide stable, long-term support for plants and accessories.

2. Carriages

As the interface between rails and racking, carriages house patented mechanisms that allow staff to safely move thousands of pounds with minimal effort.

3. Rails

Rail systems guide GROW carriages to optimize space and provide access to aisles. Choose from a variety of rail options to transform your grow room design.


Cannabis Dispensary Casestudy

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