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This heavy-duty mobile racking system is a natural choice for a number of storage challenges, from equipment and supplies to freezer and cooler storage. The ability to anchor this mobile pallet racking system to existing concrete makes it a cost-effective solution for increasing capacity in any space, without the need for renovation or expansion.


Unlimited Accommodations 

Designed to work with existing racking, shelving or drawer systems

Unlimited carriage lengths and configurations

Available top mount or recessed rails to meet your application’s needs

Accommodates 3,000-30,000 pounds per section of shelving

Operates in temperatures down to -20F


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Features & Details
  1. Shelves: Heavy-duty and lightweight adjustable shelf options
  2. Powered Controls: Simple powered controls or LCD touchscreen control for ActivRAC 16 and ActivRAC 30
  3. Operator Safety: Photo Sweep and aisle entry sensors to ensure operator safety at all times
  4. Custom Design: Unlimited design options for every space
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