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Steel 4-Post
& Case-Type Shelving

These reconfigurable steel 4-Post and Case-Type Shelving Systems aren’t just shelving. They’re entire systems that are customized to boost efficiency, improve security and accountability, and save space.


Maximum Flexibility 

Engineered for durability with high-quality welded steel

Completely customizable accessories including doors, drawers, and more

Attractive shelving with your choice of colors and finishes

Easy to assemble and reconfigure

Economical investment in high-quality, USA-made shelving


Drawing Symbols

Features & Details
  1. Shelves: Patented universal and heavy-duty adjustable shelf options
  2. Rounded-Post Vertical Uprights: Concealed metal edge protects users and stored items
  3. Keyholes/Interlocking Rivets: Simple, self-locking design for easy assembly and adjusting for added strength
  4. Custom End Panels: Add special finish materials like wood, laminate, or glass for virtually limitless design options
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